31 January 2013

Review: Fur effect nails by MUA

Hello lovelies!!
It's nice to finally do a completely positive review!! Sorry for two nail reviews together ( I know a lot of people don't like nail stuff). 
This review is about the new fur effect nails by MUA, I have seen loads of nail art using fur but couldn't find any at all!! So I was very happy when I found this, it costs £3 a tub, the tubs are only small but you don't need a lot to cover your nails.
 I got the Boo-Boo fluff colour which is a really bright blue, it's a fine fluff ( a bit messy when you apply it!!) it's really easy to apply all you do is tap the bottom of the tub so some falls into the lid ( it has a sieve so you have to give it a good tap) the paint your nails with a matching colour and dip, let it set for a moment the brush off the execs!! It's as simple as that.
You can take the sieve out but i found it quite hard to do so and just left it in.
Obviously you don't need a top coat as this would defeat the object of using the fluff.
I was a bit unsure how it would be when I washed my hands and if it would come off during the night, but it just gets slightly damp and dries really quickly, and it stays on very well and made it through the night.

I am very pleased with this product and will definitely be buying the other colours, i recommend it to everyone.
On my other nails I just used a deep almost shimmery looking blue by rimmel.

Have you tried this before? what do you think of it?

Teresa x

30 January 2013

Review: nail constellation by MUA

Hello Lovelies!!

do like to be honest with my reviews so if I think a product isn't very good I will tell you how it is. Last weekend I was super exited about getting the new nail constellation by MUA, it is small multicolour beads to put on your nail, they cost £3 a bottle.
They have quite a bright vivid colour.
When I got home I immediately used them, to use they are really easy, you just pour them onto wet nails, press them in and let the dry. The instructions didn't say to use a top coat but I used one anyway, the first thing is that when I brushed the top coat on the colour came straight off so it looked like I just had silver balls on my nail, which is why I only put it one one nail.
Sorry its a bit blurry, But you can see that the colour has gone paler .

 The next day the one without a top coat had lost all its colour during the night (I was not impressed at all) and throughout the day the beads were falling off and when I got home at 5 o'clock this is what was left:
In the morning, some of the colour has faded and a small bead loss.

In the evening.
But being very determined not to give up, I did them again and this time I put a thicker coat of colour, and instead of brushing the top coat on i blobbed it on (i cant think of any other way of describing it!). It took a while to dry but it did work, the colour stayed more vivid and they haven't come off, the only beads that came off are the ones that i missed with the top coat blobbing (hehe does anyone else think blobbing and blob are funny words?)

This was taken just after the top coat dried.
this was taken at 5 in the evening the next day

I do apologise for the blurry pictures as the camera was refusing to focus properly.

To weather i would recommend these or not depends on the simple fact of time and patience, if you have these (and a fast drying top coat!!) then you should try them out and let me know how you got on with them!

Teresa xx

27 January 2013

Just a quickie

Just to let you all know I am putting my latest beauty/nail haul to the test, so will have the results later in the week

Teresa xx

25 January 2013

Hair Tutorial: Mermaid/wavy

Hello lovelies!
Wavy hair is one of my all time favourite hair styles, its really easy to do and for me it lasts for 3 days, which is what I love most.
All the info about the products i use are written down below but here is a link to a video tutorial i filmed (please excuse the double chin and strange voice!! i have no idea what was going on)
click to watch the video

to achieve this look you need some wavers (I'm not sure if this is what they are called). The ones I have are BaByliss 2337u wave envy styler, i got them from amazon and at the time they cost me £37 but they have been reduced, you can also get cheeper ones.
i use only 2 products to keep the look lasting as long as it does
Trevor Sorbie Beautiful curls
I spray this all over my hair before i start and it really does help to keep it lasting long, the first time i waved my hair i didnt use this and the had all dropped the next day.
You can get this from boots for £5.10 and the bottle lasts for ages.
TRESemme 24 hr body finishing spray
once i have waved my hair i give it a good spray with this hairspray and it helps just to keep it going even longer.
You can get this from boots for £5.39

The back.

The side.

Because I'm growing out an asymmetric bob i clip my shorter side up as it  sticks out almost vertical (eek!)
if you tried this or have done it before what did you think?

Teresa  x

Goals/Positive attitude

Hello lovelies!!
Here is a list of goals I have set myself for the new year.
I think we all should start being more positive and enjoying life a lot more as sometimes we can all be a bit to serious.So set yourself some goals, it doesn't have to be many, and when you have done them give yourself a good pat on the back and say "well done me" we can all achieve our dreams it just takes a positive attitude and small baby steps but one day we will get there, and it will be so worth it!

  1. Have more fun!!
  2. Jump a horse for the first time
  3. Loose enough weight to fit into my favourite jeans (any tips?)
  4. Get 30 followers (aiming a bit high)
  5. Have a giveaway if I get 30 followers!
  6. get healthy
  7. Get a job (trust me, i have tried loads of places but know one wants me)
  8. Say yes more often!
  9. Tidy my room and keep it tidy (my room is always a mess and when it gets tidy it only stays tidy for about a day)
  10. Treat myself more often (i very rarely treat myself)

Keep me up to date with your progress and what goals you have set your self.
(maybe I'm being slightly crazy here but who cares)

Teresa x

24 January 2013

Pig nail art tutorial

This is a really simple and easy nail art i came up with, it looks really cute.

The products i used are:
**top and base coat--rimmel london 5 in 1 nail treat top and base.**

**dark pink--rimmel london pro 402 urban purple.**

**black-- rimmel london lasting finish 080 black cab.**

**light pink-- collection 2000hot looks 48 candy floss**

thanks for watching 

Teresa x

Blogger Birthdays!!

Hello everyone!!
Blogger birthdays is where you can go to see when other bloggers birthdays are so you can send them a little birthday message.
If you are a blogger you can add your own birthday.
spread the word!

Teresa xx

23 January 2013

Republic clothes haul

Hello you lovely lot!!
I have been shopping WOO!!
As you may (or may not depending if you have read my favourite clothes post) know i love republic, its one of my favourite shops and since they were having a sale i couldn't resist taking a look.
The first thing i got is this cropped dip dyed jumper. Its really soft and quite light and because its neutral colours it will match pretty much anything, it has a small zip at the back just for decoration and extra detail.
unfortunately this was not in the sale so it cost me £22.
you can view this top on the website here

Next is this peachy reddy vest top. this one was in the sale fro £7, the usual price £15.
i love this top, i cant really say much about it other than its comfy and quite loose filling but not obviously over sized just roomy. You can view this here.
Last but not least is these cute little star bracelets, reduced from £5 to just £1!! i couldn't leave them there. in the pack there are 2 gold bracelets and 1 silver.
you can view these here
Thanks for taking the time to read this, i have beauty hauls/reviews coming soon so don't forget to follow xx
Teresa xx

21 January 2013

Winter accessory favourites

Just a quick post to share with you my winter accessories. I have had these for years so I can't remember how much they were.
The owl hat was from Next, i got this christmas 2011, and the snood scarf was from Dorothy Perkins.

I know I look a bit crazed in the picture but I don't do to we'll in front of cameras!

What are your favourite winter accessories?

My favourites - clothes

Since I have nothing else to do today I thought I would show you a few of my favourite clothes. I don't remember how much they were but the ones I do remember I will write it on here for you.

First are chino type trousers that I love so much I'm glad I have two pairs!! I got these from Republic and they cost me £30 each, which is quite a lot but I did have gift vouches and they have lasted me over a year so far.
I folded the legs up so you could see they fold at the bottom
Next is these jeans I brought them because they are so bright and different. Again I got these from Republic, they were in the sale for just £5!! Reduced from £35. Baaaargiiin!!!!!!
This picture does not do them justice at all, they are so much more green and brighter.

Next one I had for a birthday present last month from my aunt. Back in September I went to Burghley horse trials with my aunt and reeeeealy wanted this but didn't have £50 to part with. I didn't realise at the time that she had sneaked into the shop to buy it me for my birthday, I'm glad she did because I love it loads!!! It's from joules and cost £50.

Next is my favourite dress ever (excluding my prom dress!) it's so cute because all over it are little white squirrels eating acorns, it's also a colour that really goes with my skin tone and the length is not to short either. It was £15 in the sale from H! (Henry Holland) Within Debenhams.
A close up of the design.
Next is a gilet, I love this gilet loads and was trilled when I got it for Christmas.  I love that it has an oversized zip and its so snug and warm, its a shame that its not reversible because the inside is pink a navy stripes. this is also from joules and is about £45 (I think
i have a real love for chunky knitwear at the moment so no surprising this ended up making its way in here. i dont remember how much ot was, but i know its from republic (again). its chunky, warm, and looks great on with just a black top, my orangey colour jeans and either my moustache necklace or my bow necklace, you can find out about them here.

what are your favorite clothes? i would love to hear about them.

Teresa xx

20 January 2013

Spot treatment that WORKS!!

I don't really suffer bad from spots (spots,zits,pimples whatever you want to call them)but I occasionally get a few and when I do they linger round for ages! So a few weeks ago I was routing through the cupboards to see if anything would help and I came across Sudocrem, it works wonders on my spots!! I put it on at night as it stays on the surface of your skin for a while leaving a very white patch, but by the morning my spots are eaither completely gone or dried up!! You don't even need a lot so 1 tub will last you ages.
 It is antiseptic so it should be good at getting rid of even big bad spots!! Plus it's mainly used for nappy rash so will be gentle on your skin

Do you have any miracle spot destroyers? I would love to hear about them.
Ps. Clothes hauls and beauty reviews coming up soon!!

Snow days!!

Recently it's been snowing quite a bit in England. Where I live we have had about 4 inches (I know it doesn't sound a lot but its the most I have ever had) and the temperature has been constantly below zero.
So with this cold weather upon us i have spent my days either tucked up inside wearing either my blue leopard print onsie or my grey onesie with peach hearts, or outside (still in my onesie) playing with my beautiful 8 month old puppy Murfie!!
As i write this my dog is curled up at my feet sleeping and its still snowing but only lightly.
i haven't got any pictures of me in the snow but here are a few with my dog!!

He is a miniature Labradoodle.

What are you doing in the snow? do you love it or hate it?

Teresa xx

16 January 2013

13 Personal Questions tag!!!

Hello you lovely lot out there!!
Ok so since i haven't been blogging long i thought i would do the 13 personal questions tag so you can all get to know me a bit.

1. What do you normally order from Starbucks?
I absolutely LOVE Starbucks!!!! i normally order a hot chocolate or if its Christmas then a gingerbread latte

2. What's the one thing in your closet that you cant live without?
This has to be my black and white striped zipper hoodie. its super warm, over sized and very cosy plus it matches pretty much everything.

3. What is the one thing people don't know about you?
Hmmm...this took me a while to think of but its probably that i play the alto saxophone.

4.What is the one thing you want to do before you die?
This is a very easy one for me to answer, hard to achieve though but i would love to have my own horse as i have such  passion for them.

5. What one food can you not live without?
i was talking about this the other day and it is the potato because its so versatile it mashes, roasts, boils, Fry's, you can make chips, crisps, jacket potato. yes, i love potatoes.

6. What is the one quote you live you life by?
I don't really live  by a quote but one that sticks with me is treat people how you want to be treated.

7. What do like/dislike about the youtube community?
I personally haven't really ventured into youtube properly yet but through watching videos i can say that i like how supportive some people are. i dislike how people sit and just comment about nastily about the people in the video.

8. What id your number 1 most listened to song on your ipod?
i just checked and it love the way you lie by Eminem and Rihanna.

9. What style would you describe yourself as having?
I don't really have a particular style i just wear what i like and everything is very varied.

10. Favourite number?
I find this one a bit strange but i would say 4 because my birthday is the 4th.

11. Two hobbies?
Horse riding and baking (i have more that 2 but these are what i enjoy the most)

12. Two pet peeves?
people smacking their lips when the eat and people who sit an there arse all day or no reason other than the fact they are lazy.

13. Your guilty pleasure?
i Have wrote a post about this in more detail but they are Busted and Spongebob Squarepants.

I tag everybody reading this to do it, and thanks for reading!!
(Psst! don't forget to follow)

My Bag wish list

I am in dire need for a new bag, but after Christmas i have no money and the bag i want is way, WAY to expensive.
this is the one i want the most but priced at £104 i have no chance
i would also settle for this one but i still have no chance with a price of £94
Both of these bags are from the cambridge satchel company.
I guess i will have to settle for a cheap bag this year :(

15 January 2013

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes

This is a really simple and easy recipe to do but the results are delicious this was a sper of the moment so they aren't as pretty as I like cupcakes to be.

Makes 24

  • 225g (8oz) butter (softened)
  • 225g (8oz)self raising flour
  • 225g (8oz)caster sugar
  • 2 table spoon cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 100g chocolate chips (optional)
Butter cream

  • 100g butter
  • 100g icing sugar
  • 15g cocoa powder

pre heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (gas mark 4), line a bum tray with paper cases.
place the butter, flour, caster sugar, baking powder, eggs and cocoa powder into a large mixing bowl and beat with an electric whisk for 2-3 minuets, or until light and fluffy.

3 if  you are using chocolate chips stir them in, then spoon the mixture into the paper cases and bake for 18 minuets, or until well risen. transfer to wire rack to cool.

Butter cream
to make the butter cream mix the butter, icing sugar and cocoa powder until well combined.
then using a pallet knife or piping bag decorate your cupcakes!

to add extra appeal you could put pieces of flake, chocolate shavings, gold or silver balls and anything else you desire
as an alternative to the butter cream you could use melted chocolate
Happy baking!!
i would love to know how you got on making these cupcakes, and how creative you got when decorating.

11 January 2013

Guilty pleasures

Good old guilty pleasures, everybody has them but nobody admits it, so here I am sharing my few with you lovely lot out there.
I don't have many so this will be a short post

First is Busted (anybody remember them?) they split up in 2005 due to James joining his own band. I still listen to there CDs now and love them just as much!! <3 
Next is Spongebob Squarepants!! Up until a year ago I still had a poster on my bedroom wall, it only came down because when I redecorated my room I lost it in the process.
I would love to hear about your guilty pleasures so comment below so I can read them. 

10 January 2013

Sud up with Soap & Glory

Aaa I do live a bit of soap & Glory be that their make-up or their soapy things. I love them so much I have decided to share my favourite few with you.

First up to dance on the catwalk is Supercat eyeliner pen, I haven't been wearing eyeliner long and in the beginning found any sort of eyeliner really hard to apply, but when I saw this for only £6!! i brought it instantly and was pleased to find that it made the whole process much easier. The tip has a continuous supply if eyeliner so you don't have to keep dipping it back in a pot and the fine end makes it easy to get precision with any look you go for. 
The only negative about this is that after a good few hours of wear it does start to fade but that's not really a problem as You can just fill it in, also if you want to wear it thick you do get a slight imprint on your eyelid, but overall it's great to use when staring out!!
Sticking with the make-up lets all move on to super-colour Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lip gloss  Well not only does it look great because of the slight shimmery pinkyness that goes on, but it does actually make your lips look slightly fuller . When you apply it, it will gradually star to tingle to a point when you feel like your lips are vibrating!! 
 At £9 I would say its good value for what it does, even if you only buy it for the colour and shimmer it gives your lips.
Now we venture in to all thing soapy and moisturising. The Righteous Butter lotion, this body lotion is FANTASTIC it smells amazing, doesn't leave you feeling sticky and does a great job of moistourising every inch of you. there is not really anything else i can say about this just that its brill and great value for only £10!! (i ran out not long ago so couldn't take a picture of my own)
Now time to feed those dry hands of your with Hand Food hand cream. For me finding a good hand cream is essential as i constantly have dry chapped hands due to being a floirstry student. this hand cream makes my hands moistourised, soft and supple and the smell s incredible!!
there are 3 different size bottles you can get this in
**50ml -£2.50 great to pop in your bag for on the go use**
**125ml - £5**
**250ml(pump) - £7**
And finally we have Clean on me creamy clarifying shower gel. This has a built in body lotion so you can clean and get smooth skin at the same time! this product is great, it feels amazing when going on and smells amaaaziiing!! for 500ml in a pump action bottle its £5.50.

All the prices shown in this post are from the boots website as boots is where I buy these products from here is a link to the Soap & Glory shop within boots website.
i would love to hear about your favourite Soap & Glory products so leave me a comment!