30 April 2013

Today's nails #8

Hello lovelies!!!

Its been sooooo long since I did my nails. In my last MUA haul I picked up their magnetic polish in the sale for £1.75 and have only just gotten round to using it.

I do really like this polish the only thing is I didn't let it dry long enough before I put a top coat on which resulted in some of the effect to be wiped off.

Products used are:

** rimmel London 5 in 1 base coat**
** MUA magnetic nails Piccadilly Circus**
** Nails Inc Albert bridge top coat**

Have you tried the MUA magnetic polish yet?

Teresa x


28 April 2013

Review: Coconut Blush Soaps

Hello lovelies!!!

I'm really exited to share these soaps with you as I love them so much!

I picked these up from a market that I visited about a month ago and am so pleased I did.
I smelt the stand before I saw it (it was an amazing smell!)

The first one I got was Grapefruit and Jojoba, the first thing I noticed was how pretty it looked, a coral and cream swirly pattern (it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream!). 

This soap has an AMAZING smell! its really refreshing and lovely (I cant describe smells to save my life!).
It bubbles up really nicely when using it and after my hands feel really soft and moisturised after.
You can use this soap for all your body and it says that its good for open pores, oily skin and acne (I have only used it on my hands).

The next soap I got was Kitchen Soap.
This is used in the kitchen (obviously) and it says that it helps to eliminate kitchen smells such as onion and garlic. When I got this I tested it out straight away. 

I got some onion (unfortunately I didn't have any garlic) and rubbed it all over my hands and let it dry a little while, them I used the soap and washed my hands. Not only did my hands feel very soft afterwards but the smell of the onions had completely gone! This soap has coffee in it to get rid of the smells and lavender oil so that your hands don't smell like coffee afterwards (an amazing smelling soap) this soap is perfect if you use a lot of strong smelling things when you cook.
(I forgot to take pictures of the soap before i used them but you can see the packaging in the website!)

I love that the soaps are completely natural and most of the ingredients are from local suppliers, also these soaps are suitable to use all over your body, they also packaged really nice.
The soaps retail for £3.95 each or 3 for £10 which I think is great value for these as they are lasting a really long time too.

You can buy these from https://www.coconutblush.co.uk/

Would you give these a try?

Teresa x

26 April 2013

Ted Baker SS13 competition

Hello lovelies!!!

I was contacted by Jonny from Ted Baker to take part in their Spring/Summer 2013 bloggers competition, having always loved Ted Baker i decided to take part.

All you have to do is...
Choose three items from their current mens or womens collection, style them and then write where you would wear it.
tweet @Ted_Baker with the hashtag #tedss13.

There is a £75 voucher for the winner and two runner up goody bags!

My entry...

Browsing through the website led me to this amazing dress! I was instantly drawn to it because its so pretty, fresh and summery looking, I teamed it up with this gorgeous nude bag! I really love the mint stones and sides as i think it really brings out the minty green elements in the dress. To finish off i added a pair of nude heels.

I have a really large family which means lots of weddings, so I would probably wear this to a wedding or an nice meal out. To make this more casual i would add a small white cardigan and some flats.

What do you think of my entry?

Teresa x

25 April 2013

Eyebrow threading

Hello lovelies!!!

Up until about 4 weeks ago I had never done anything with my eyebrows, the only reason being is that i have a very low pain threshold so try and avoid pain when I can.

Picture taken form google images
I have to be honest and say that I am blessed with dark thick eyebrows this meant that they started to look like big slugs on my face and I had had enough!  the decision to get them threaded was the best thing I could have done!
I know the pictures are really rubbish but that's all i could get!
Threading comes from many Arab countries and uses a special thread that pulls out several hairs at once. This method means that you can get better control than waxing and pick up finer and smaller hairs than tweezing, also unlike waxing, the top of your brow can be shaped for an overall nicer look. You can also have your lips and your entire face done (I have heard the lip hurts way more than your eyebrows!)

It does hurt alot! (I cried the first time i had it done) but gets less painful each time you go. I have had mine done twice now and the second time was much less painful (no crying YAY!)
Another thing I love it its so cheap I pay just £5 (prices will vary depending on who you go to) and for that much its not even worth doing them yourself!

I am super pleased with my brows and they have never looked so good (people are constantly saying how nice they look)
I would recommend this to anybody.

Have you ever had your brows threaded? would you consider trying it?

Teresa x

24 April 2013


Hello lovelies!!!

It's been a while since I last blogged but I haven't had time to write posts and any time I have had has been sleeping, eating or looking for a new foundation! (I'd anyone knows of any good foundations please let me know as its mission impossible trying to find one!)

Anyway here is what's currently on my wishlist.

** again Liz Earle cleanse and polish has made it on here I still haven't got sound to buying it!  - £14.75**
** Modeks own fruit pastels box set. It's scented nail polish for goodness sake! (It's also really pretty colours) £20**
** Models own ice neon collection, its so annoying that I don't own a neon polish and this just looks to irresistible! £20**
** real techniques blush brush, I have the powder brush and love it and need a blush brush* £9.99*
** Revlon lip butter, this has been raved about so much I still can't believe I don't have one (soon, very soon!) £7.99**
** a gorgeous satchel from the Cambridge satchel company's Chelsea collection £115**

What's on your current wishlist?

Teresa x

19 April 2013

Ebay haul!

Hello lovelies!!!

I never thought of looking on ebay for nail products until i saw quite a few posts on ebay hauls and they got some great bargains so I hopped on over and to take a look and i couldn't believe how cheap everything was! obviously the low prices lead to an order (oops!)

**gold studs £1.99 here**
**vintage lace and rose transfers £1.99 here**
** dotting tools £1.49 here**

** 30 nail stripes tape £2.29 here**
** 3000 gems (came with case and free glue) £2.79 here**

would you consider buying nail products from ebay?

Teresa x

17 April 2013

Review: MUA Power Pouts

Hello lovelies!!!

In my last MUA haul I brought one of their new power pouts and oh my how I love it!

Firstly it's a bargain £3!!! I think the quality of MUA products are fab considering the low prices (I hope they stay that way forever!)

They are described as a "colour intense tint and balm" and I couldn't agree more! They are really nicely pigmented, when the smooth feel and shine wear off they leave you with tinted lips and do indeed moisturise.

I found that I could build the colour really easily, a thin layer gives a sheer tint of colour and the more I put on, the more colour I got. The colour lasts a good few hours before I reapplied it which I really liked, its also a really decent lip balm aswell (not the best, but good enough!)
Some swatches

I got mine in the shade irreplaceable and found that's its a really close match to MUA's lipstick shade 3, this was unintentional and a slight disappointment when it arrived but it works really nice under the lipstick and as a moisturising top up if my lips are dryer (not all disappointing!)
They also have a good amount of product  in which it good( I jate it when company's are stingy with the amount of product)

I will definetly be getting other shades as I love the look it gives!

Have you tried these yet?

Teresa x

14 April 2013

Today's nails #7

Hello lovelies!!!

It feels like ages since I last painted my nails, I brought a few things from eBay so had a play around with them and this is is the outcome!

I absolutely love my nails like this, it was nice to have the time to play around with them for a while.

The products I used are:

 ** rimmel 080 black cab
** Barry M 134 yellow
** rimmel 325 hot gossip
** nails inc abbey road
** rock and rose white nail art pen
** nails inc A&E base coat
** nails inc Albert bridge too coat
** nail studs
** nail tape

Teresa x

12 April 2013

Mini MUA haul

Hello lovelies!!!

I recently took advantage of MUA's half price birthday sale, there was a few things I wanted to try but were always sold out in my local superdrug.

First up is the new power pout in irreplaceable, this was in the sale and was £3.
I also got the extreme felt liner for £1(usually £2)
Lip boom in OMG for £1.50 (usually £3)
Piccadilly Circus magnetic polish for £1.75 (usually £3.50)
Gel liner in underground for £2 (usually £3)
Did you take advantage of the sale?

Teresa x

11 April 2013

Review:Boots Botanics eye makeup remover

Hello lovelies!!!

I have been after a new eye makeup remover for ages as my Simple one just wasn't doing the job. I Went into Boots and picked up there Botanics all bright soothing eye makeup remover, I got it for £2.69 but its usually £3.99.

I literally love this product, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about it but it soon proved my wrong!
You have to give it a good shake before you use it as the ingredients separate (like water and oil) then put it on a cotton pad and take your makeup off, it is quite oily which I know some people don't like, but this is the first thing I do at night and wash my face as normal after and it takes off the oil that was left on my skin.

It's called all bright because it has hibiscus in which it a natural brightness booster but I can't say I have noticed brighter eyes.

Before I had this I really struggled to get off my mascara which is Maybelline rocket volume (trust me its a tuff one to get off!) but this takes it all off leaving nothing behind! (Happy dance!)

I will definitely repurchase this when it finishes and recommend it to anyone.

Have you tried this before?

Teresa x

09 April 2013

Review: MUA lipsticks

Hello lovelies!!!

In my last haul I picked up three MUA lipsticks, I am only just venturing into lip colour so to me this was the cheapest way to start with them being only £1 each!!

I love these lipsticks! They are really nicely pigmented, go in really nice and don't dry my lips out loads!
I'm going to start with my favourite of the three which is shade 3, it's a lovely vivid pink and I have worn it the most.

The next shade I got is shade 2. This is a like a pale plum colour, it looks really nice and is not too dark.

The last one is shade 7. It's a pinky peachy colour, quite natural looking but not so natural it looks like you don't have any lipstick on.

I really like that at the bottom of the lipsticks it a little pot you can screw off and it's perfect for touching up with a lip brush! Also the texture is so creamy and I will buy these again.

Have you tried these before? What do you think of them?

Teresa x

06 April 2013

Boots, Superdrug and peacocks haul!

Hello lovelies!!!

On Wednesday my dad took my brother to the gadget show in Birmingham , since I didn't go my mum spoiled me abit by taking me shopping!

First stop was boots for some eye makeup remover and base coat. But being the forgetful person I am, I forgot the base coat until I got home.

I got boots own makeup remover, I normally use simples but its a bit naff!!

On to superdrug!! In here I explored the MUA stand. I haven't really used their makeup before only the nail products but they are so cheap I picked up a few things!

 The mosaic blush (£2.50), powder (£1), lipsticks (£1 each)
While I was at superdrug I also got my eyebrows threaded (ouch!). 

I never shop in peacocks, I don't know why. But I actually got a few nice things (they had quite a lot of nice things if I'm honest!)


First was this vest top, I love the print its really nice and summery! This was only £6.

 Then I got these two pairs of (very comfy) jeans! They were reduced from £16 and £14 to £10! They are so comfy I want some more!

Teresa x

03 April 2013

Tangle Teezer! My new love

Hello lovelies!!!

I know it's a bit mad to say I love a brush but I do! The tangle teezer has the be the best thing I have ever brought for my hair!

The main reason I got this is because quite a big chunk of my hair is bleached and yanking it with a brush was not doing it any favours but the tangle teezer glides through my hair so easily and more importantly painless!! 

I have the origanal one and it is definetly worth every penny of its £10.99 price tag. 
The price is what put me off getting it for a long time but now wish I brought it sooner there is nothing negative about this brush it AMAZING!!!

Have you tried a tangle teezer?

02 April 2013

Just a quick post

Hello lovelies!!!

I just wanted to say that there may not be many posts soon as I have LOADS of college work to do and I have an awful cold! I have a few posts I want to do but they just need writing. Hopefully I will be back soon ( no more than 1 week)

Teresa x