25 July 2013

My first Illamasqua order

Hello Lovelies!!!

It finally happened! I fanally made an order with illamasqua, if it wasnt for their sale I dont think I would of ever brought anything from there.

If you didn't know already Illamasqua are having a big sale where a lot of their products have had big price reductions (the sale is still on but not for much longer). For a long time I have wanted to try some of there products so I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw they had a sale!

Here is what I got...

Two powder eye shadows in shades CanCan and Succumb one was £7.50 the other £5.

Two medium pencils in Debonair (blue) and Vow, these were £5 each

Volume Mascara in Lewd ( a beautiful deep blue) £5

Sheer lipgloss in Lily-Rose £5 I'm in love wit this already, also should the brush be pointy? its so hard to apply because of the shape.

Nail Varnish in Poke £5

Eyeliner cake in Danger £5

Cream pigment in Androgen £7.50

In total I spent £50 instead of the £130 it should of been if I were to pay full price! Which is pretty impressive.

I'm really happy with my purchases and love everything.

Did you buy anything from the Illamasqua sale?

Teresa x


  1. It's always good getting a bargain, you saved £80!

    Amber | www.ambermcniff.co.uk

  2. Great bargain! I really hope the sale lasts long enough till payday, I've got my eye on so many things xo

    Be Pulchritudinous. | UK Beauty and Life Blog

  3. Oh wow you got some gorgeous bits... I LOVE Illamasqua xxx

    Gem | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Such pretty stuff! I really want to try illamasqua now!

    Hannah Heartss


    1. you should while the sale is still on :)


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