02 September 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Hello lovelies!!!

I am assuming you've all heard of Real Techniques Expert Face Brush? If not, where have you been?

I finally decided a couple of weeks ago to get myself this brush along with a few others from Real Techniques and its transformed my foundation. This wonderful little brush is extremely soft and apply's my foundation perfectly.
The brush doesn't loose any hair even when washing it and it dries quite quick too. Whilst using this brush I have found myself using less foundation than I did when I just used my hands and it spreads it evenly and flawless across my face. 
The Expert Face brush has also cut in half the time I take to apply my foundation, because I'm half Sicilian I have lots of light hair on my face (its in the genes!) which you cant see unless to look really close but these used to hold my foundation and it took me forever to blend it out, but using this brush my foundation doesn't get caught on the little hairs! ( I wish I brought the brush ages ago!)  The brush is made with synthetic bristles and an aluminium handle which makes it really lightweight.
Overall I love the Real Techniques Expert Face brush and would definitely buy it again and recommend it to anyone.
You can Buy this brush from Boots for £9.99 or Superdrug for £8.99.

Have you tried the expert face brush?

Teresa x


  1. I bought the expert face brush a couple of months ago and i'm in love! I know a lot of bloggers go on about the buffing brush but I much prefer this, great review!

    Bea xx

    1. I prefer this brush over the buffing brush anyday :)

  2. I have been dying to try this brush just haven't got around to buying it yet, really want to know!


  3. This is my absolute favourite brush! It's so soft an wonderful :)
    Sarah x

  4. I absolutely love this brush! It's so soft and wonderful :)
    Sarah x

  5. I love real techniques! I just did a review on them.
    Lovely post! xo
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie


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