16 September 2013

Review - MUA Pro base eye primer

Hello lovelies!!!

In my last Superdrug order (here) I got the MUA pro base eye primer, and in that haul post a few of you requested a review so here it is :)

The point of an eye primer is to smooth the eye lid for an easier application of eye shadow, increase its wear time and stop it from creasing. The MUA Pro base eye primer ticks all the boxes, it goes on really easy and blends in well, it creates a smooth base for my eye shadow and definitely makes it the application of eye shadow easier, I wouldn't say it stops the shadow from completely creasing but it does minimise the creasing a lot and increases the time that my eye shadow stays on.

The packaging is quite basic, a silver tube with Purple writing and a white lid, it has a doe foot applicator and is the same style packaging as the collection lasting perfection concealer.
You apply the The pro base primer to your eyelids with the applicator and gently tap and blend in. The consistency of the primer is very thin it feels almost weightless on your finger and you don't know your wearing it on your eye. The primer has a nude skin tone colour which doesn't show up on skin when blended in, the only thing about this which I would change is I would prefer it if it had more coverage as I have really dark veiny eyelids.

Overall I really like this MUA pro base eye primer, its great if you are looking for one but don't want to spend too much because its only £2.50 and does the job, its probably not the best out there but its working well for me and I would repurchase this when I finish it.

Have you tried this? what's your favourite eye primer?


Ps. sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures! finding time to take pictures in natural light is quite difficult lately


  1. It does sound as if it does the trick and of course MUA is so affordable! My favourite is the Urban Decay Primer Potion, although as you say it's a completely different price range. Xx


    1. very different price range haha! id love to try the primer potion one day :)

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