30 October 2013

Halloween Nail art Tutorial - Vampire

Hello lovelies!!!

I am so sorry for my very extended and unexplained absence  I have had no time to sit down at my computer and write a post, then I tried to blog on the go using an app which wouldn't publish my posts!

But anyway, lets get on to the tutorial.

if you haven't guessed already this is a tutorial for a Vampire, for the face I used white polish, but I would recommend using a pale grey because then you can do the eyes without the black first.

1. Apply a base coat and paint your nails white.
2. Using black, create a "V" at the base of your nail and fill it in, then about 1/3 down your nail draw a diagonal line either side of your nail making sure the meet at a point at the tip of your nail to create the collar.
3. For the eyes, start off with black dots, then add smaller white dots on top, and on top of those add even smaller red dots.

4. add in a straight line for a mouth and two diagonal lines for eyebrows

5. draw blood dripping from either side of his mouth

6. Apply a top coat and enjoy!

Products used are:
17 Miniskirt (white)
Maybelline Colour Show in Blackout
Red nail art pen

Happy Halloween!!

Teresa x

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