27 November 2013

Illamasqua Light Foundation shade 140 - Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies!!!

A few months ago, in Illamasqua's secret sale, I brought one of their light foundations for £7.50 reduced from £27.

I wanted a lighter coverage foundation for days where my skin is better because I only had one medium to full coverage and found it a bit to much for daytime, I never had any intention of getting a foundation from Illamasqua, but when I saw it in the sale I guessed my shade and snapped one up.
The shade I brought was 140 which is described on the Illamasqua website " For light to medium skin with golden undertones" I have very yellow/golden undertones to my skin, which has quite and olive tinge to it (thanks dad for giving me wonderful coloured skin!)
I was a bit worried it would be to dark as in winter I go really pale but a really yucky yellow colour too, but its a perfect match. 
For £27 you get 30ml of Illamasquas light foundation, which is pretty standard for foundation bottles, the bottle itself if plastic being narrow at the top and gradually getting wider as it meets the lid which is a screw on lid. Although the foundation has no pump the little nozzle and the squeezy plastic of the bottle allows you to completely control how much of the product you want.

The coverage of the light foundation is very light (obviously Teresa!), but its not one of those light foundations that doesn't do anything, it really evens out my skin tone by evening out any redness and making my skin look really healthy, it applies and blends like a dream too! The finish of the Illamasqua light foundation is described a dewy on their website, however I think its more of a satin as I find it gives a slight dewy glow but not enough to be classed a dewy.
The wear time for this is pretty good too, I find it lasts for around 6-7 hours before I notice that its vanishing. The only thing I'm not that fond of is the smell, by no means is it a horrible smell, I just find it quite strong and can smell it quite a lot throughout the day which can get a bit annoying.
You can see from the two picture below how the foundation really evens out the skin on my wrist.

Overall I am really impressed with Illamasquas light foundation, I don't think I would pay £27 for it (purely because I'm tight with my money!) but I would definitely buy it again if it was to be in another sale.

Have you tried this foundation? would you try it?

Teresa x

25 November 2013

The Christmas Tag!

Hello lovelies!!!

I was tagged by Hannah Hearts to do this tag. I love Christmas so much its ridiculous! I swear I get more exited the older I get and all it leads to is my family thinking I'm nuts because I want the decorations up in September!

1. Do you prefer real Christmas trees or synthetic?

I have never had a real Christmas tree! Its always been synthetic in my house, which is a shame because I would love a real one.

2 Your in a coffee shop, in December, what do you pick?

Assuming that the coffee shop is Starbucks, its always a gingerbread latte ( one of the perks of  having a Starbucks within college!) if its another one that don't do Gingerbread lattes then its a hot chocolate.

3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?

I don't have much say on what goes on the tree, but in our living room we have reds and golds on that tree and in our dining room we have blues, whites and silver on our bigger tree.

4. Giving or receiving?

Obviously I love receiving, but giving is really great too give too, I especially love shopping for people.

5. to mince or not to mice?

I hate mince pies, I might be brave and taste one again this year as its been quite a while since I last tasted it, but I'm convinced it will be awful still.

6. Whats your traditional Sunday lunch?

I don't have a "tradition Sunday lunch" we eat whatever, its normally Christmas day we have the proper roast dinner.

7. Christmas day fashion?

Normally if I have had new clothes, I will wear them, but this year I plan on wearing a Christmas jumper, with reindeer leggings and Christmas socks :)

8. Whats your favourite Christmas song?

I can never think of the name of the one I really love, but I love them all!

9. Whats your favourite Christmas film?

This is a really hard question because its so hard to pick! I love them all haha.

10. Open presents before or after lunch?

Who can wiat until they have eaten lunch? as soon as I wake up I drag everyone out of bed and have the present opening time very early in the morning, way before breakfast!

I specificaly tag Peace love and makeup to do this tag, but I also tag everyone who reads it!

Merry Christmas!

Teresa x

20 November 2013

Enchant Jewellery

Hello lovelies!!!

I know its been a while since I last posted but I haven't been felling to well and the last thing I wanted to do was to sit at a computer.

In case you haven't noticed, there is a new tab up at the top of my blog labelled "My Jewellery"
My mum and I started to make jewellery about one and a half years ago but haven't really done much about it due to certain things happening.
All our jewellery uses genuine gemstones and metals such as 925 sterling silver and gold, all the pictures clearly state what gemstones and metals have been used.

Our full range of jewellery can been seen here where you can buy anything that catches your eye by just popping us a message, it would also be great if you could follow us on twitter too @enchantjewel

A few of our pieces

A little secret for you all, we are going to be having a massive sale on everything! to make way for new designs.

Teresa x

11 November 2013

Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Hello lovelies!!!

On 4th December it's my 18th birthday and exactly 3 weeks later its Christmas,  so now seems the perfect time to do a birthday/Christmas wishlist.

 1. Mac lipstick. I've never tried anything from mac before so of course this was making its way on my list, I've asked for a few shades including Syrup, Impassioned and Up The Amp.

2. Mac paint pot. Again another mac product, I've heard great things about these and would love it in Soft Ochre.

3. Naked Basics Palette. Running with the theme of never tried before, I've never tried anything from Urban Decay, I'm quite the fan of neutrals and thought this palette would be a good starting point.

4. Popband multipack in Paris. I've quite recently heard if these, they are a bracelet and a hair bobble that's not supposed to put that annoying kink in your hair.

5. Crown Brushes. I've asked for a variety of these, although I love makeup I greatly lack in the brush department.

6. NARS Blush in Sin. I've not tried anything from NARS (surprise, surprise)  I've read that their blushes are wonderful and Sin is a shade that really stands out to me.

7. NARS Ride Up To The Moon palette. This just looks stunning!

So here is what's made it on to my birthday/Christmas wishlist, I swear I get more exited for birthdays and Christmas the older I get, it's unhealthy how exited I do get!

What's on your wishlist this Christmas?

Teresa x

08 November 2013

A little Superdrug haul

Hello lovelies!!!

Yes. I have been shopping again! I know I shouldn't because I should be saving my money for Christmas shopping, but when I went into Superdrug to get my eyebrows threaded all my will power went!

First thing I noticed they had 3 for 2 on cosmetics which made me buy even more than I should have. I picked up two MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in shade Kooky and Funk. I also couldn't resist getting the Luxe Glitter palette in Diva.
I also picked up the L'oreal micellar solution and a Neutrogena pink grapefruit moisturiser.
I have also been after a lip colour lip liner so I got one of Collections to try.

Teresa x

06 November 2013

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette + Swatches!

Hello lovelies!!!

I have had the Sleek Vintage Romance palette for quite a while now and have used it almost every single day since I got it. I had every intention of buying the whole collection but I wasn't that fond of the blush as it was a bit to glittery for me, plus I prefer my blushes to have a gold shimmer in it whereas the blush within the collection had silver glitter in.

This is my first ever Sleek palette and I can safely say that after trying this, I want every single palette they have ever made!
I have heard great things about Sleek's palettes but trying them for myself confirmed everything, all the eye shadows are really pigmented, the blend really easily and last a really long time on my eyes. What I love a lot about the Vintage Romance palette is that the colours are so perfect for this time of year, the golds and plum colours are beautiful and look stunning on the eyes.
I'm going to be honest but I haven't tried every single eye shadow in the palette because there are a few that are so glittery in the pan that I didn't want to wear them for daytime, although on the swatches they the are not as glittery on the skin as they are in the pan. I have mostly use any of the golds over my lid with any of the purples in my outer corner or all purple with a gold inner highlight with the matte colour in the crease. I also love to use the Maybelline colour tattoos in On and On Bronze and metallic Pomegranate as a base.
From L-R Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague.

From L-R A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London
All the shadows in the palette are shimmery or glittery except Propose in Prague which is a matte.
The packaging of the eye shadow is quite basic like all the palettes its just matte black, I do with that they had transferred some of the beautiful cardboard design on to the palette as its just so pretty.
I certainly want more Sleek palettes and I cant wait to get the new one that is being released, and at £7.99 they are very affordable.

Do you have this palette? what do you think of Sleek's Vintage Romance collection?

04 November 2013

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos - On and On Bronze and Metallic Pomegranate + Swatches

Hello Lovelies!!!

So I finally managed to get some of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo, I brought these about a month ago when Boots had their buy one get on half price offer, the two shades I picked up were "On and On Bronze" and "Metallic Pomegranate"

When I opened and swatched these I was very surprised by how creamy they were.
They are both very, very pigmented and a little goes a long way, I love how you can use a small amount on your finger and spread across your eyelid for a sheer hint of colour or build it up for a more intense look. Both shades are extremely long lasting and if I ever had to keep my make up on for 24 hours I know that these would last, I put them on in the morning before college and by the time I take my make up off at night they are still as good as they were when I put them on and best of all...NO CREASING!!!

On And ON Bronze is a beautiful bronze colour, I find it perfect for an everyday neutral look but it would work really great for night time too as it is shimmery. Metallic Pomegranate is a deep burgundy purple colour with flecks of gold running through it, this is also really suitable for everyday wear as it can be worn quite sheer if you don't like a really dark day time look.

Most of the time I wear these on their own for quickness when I'm getting ready before college and they work and look really well on their own, when I have more time to get ready they make a really great base for eye shadow and I can guarantee that my eye shadow will last with the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos as a base. I especially love to use these as a base for my Sleek Vintage romance palette.

Would I recommend these? Yes, absolutely I love them loads and cant wait to add more shades to my collection.

These retail at a really great price of £4.99.

Have you tried these? what do you think of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's?

Teresa x

01 November 2013


Hello lovelies!!!

 Its my second favourite occasion of the year (Christmas is the first). It give me a great excuse to dress up and do my make up really crazy, although I don't go trick or treating and tend to stay in the house on Halloween I still like to dress up and scare all the little kids that knock on our door.
I also love carving pumpkins, I can see myself being very old and wrinkly and still carving a pumpkin every Halloween. This year i opted for something other than the standard scary face and did a vampire, while my younger brother did a ghost.

I also made some Halloween cupcakes with my mum, despite the fact that the first batch turned out awful! and burned on the outside whilst still being raw in the middle, the second batch tasted amazing!

I have done a few Halloween nail art tutorials if you are still in the Halloween mood!

Happy Halloween

Teresa x