30 December 2013

Todays Nails #23

Hello lovelies!!!

On my nails today is what I like to call "a snowy night" because I think they look like snow falling at night (I told my mum that and she thought I was nuts!)

I got a few new polishes for Christmas my favourite being this CND one in Purple Purple, you can't buy CND from shops you have to get them from salons. 
On top of that I used Illamasqua Blizzard nail polish which give the lovely snow effect, its all topped off with a CND top coat.
I am going to do a review on the CND polishes because they have quite an interesting characteristic and I'm curious to weather it's true it not :)

Teresa x

26 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello lovelies!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 
Christmas is my favourite time of year and this year certainly didn't disappoint!  Spending time together as a family is great. 
Normal blogging will resume again soon and also, I can't believe at the beginning of January my blog will be turning 1 year old! Oh how time has flown!

Merry christmas!

Teresa x

20 December 2013

Today's Nails #22 + an update

Hello lovelies!!!

Christmas spirit has hit me hard this year! I'm so exited its unreal! 
Despite my excitement I've only just got around to paying my nails all Christmassy. I decided to try out snow flakes as thats not something I've tried before (and I really wanted an exuce to use Illamasquas blizzard nail polish!) I failed miserably! The don't even look like snowflakes so I will be painting them again very soon haha

For this I used
Barry M gelly in bluegrape
Illamasqua blizzard 
And a random white nail art pen I found

I also just wanted to give you guys a little update on where I've been. I promise I've not disappeared!! I just have so much college work its driving me crazy!

If I do t post before Christmas I hope you all have a wonderful one if you celebrate it 

Teresa x

11 December 2013

What I got for my birthday!

Hello lovelies!!!

Please don't think I'm showing off by writing this post! I'm not! I love reading posts about what people got for their birthdays so why not write one myself?

I can't believe I'm actually 18! I feel so old haha! My family really like to celebrate 18th birthdays so this year more people brought me a gift than who normally would.

I got 3 pieces of Swarovski jewellery 2 off my mum and dad and another off my aunt. 
First I got a big crystal necklace
A wrap around suede and Swarovski crystal bracelet
And a crystal bracelet

I also got two pairs of Tresor Paris earrings and some chrysalis studs.


I got the benefit little love potions gift set (I now want to but everything in full size!)
Mac paint pot in soft ochre
Mac eyeshadow in wood winked
Mac lipsticks in impassioned, mac red, syrup and up the amp
And 3 Rimmel nail polishes


I got three bags,
One with butterfly's on
One with horses
And my favourite of them all the tweed bag my mum designed and had hand made for me!


Marc Jacobs honey gift set
And a big box of lush goodies with sweets

Food and drink

I got a bottle of pink vodka
Buck's Fizz with truffles
Ferrero Rocher
Cadburys chocolate
And a ginger happy birthday cookie

I also got a little dear of my nan which is very cute and it plays you are my sunshine when it's opened and a bouquet of flowers with a balloon

And I can't help but insert a sneaky picture of my cake! 

 Teresa x

09 December 2013

OOTD - Birthday Meal

Hello lovelies!!!

It was my birthday on Wednesday, so to celebrate, I went out for a curry with my friends and family. I absolutely loved the outfit I wore and couldn't help sharing it with you :)

Sorry the picture isn't the best! It was a quick one before I left the house!

Close ups of jewellery and shoes.

 Top - Topshop (not the exact one bit the closest I could find)
Trousers - Topshop
Shoes - Next (years old!)
Earrings - Enchant Jewellery 
Necklace - George at ASDA

I have a face of the day coming soon too so keep a look out :)

Teresa x

06 December 2013

Today's Nails #21

Hello lovelies!!!

For my birthday my mum and dad treated me to a manicure and pedicure (both of which I had never experienced before) I was super exited and it was such a lovely and relaxing treat (even better than the beautician is my cousin!)
I know some people are grossed out by feet so I chose not to put a picture of my toes incase you don't like feet, but here's a picture of my finger nails!

I have no clue what polishes were used as I couldn't see a brand name on the bottles
 But they were two she used, a two tone purple topped with a purple glitter topcoat.

I loved the whole experience but my favourite part was definitely the scrubs (they felt so good on both hands and feet!) and the foot mask which was amazing!

Have a nice day! 

Teresa x

01 December 2013

Today's Nails #20

Hello lovelies!!!

It's been so nice to actually have time to paint my nails again! I refused to have "naked nails" for my birthday meal yesterday (although its not my birthday till Wednesday!) so I cracked out the sparkle and tried something new.

For this I used:
Illamasqua in Poke 
Barry M in Blue Grape

Have a lovely day!

Teresa x