10 January 2014

2014 Wishlist

Hello lovelies!!!

This year I have a few thing I want to buy, not many but what is on my list aren't exactly the cheapest things out there so I definitely wont be getting them all around the same time.

** Stila in the light palette 
I have wanted this since I first realised it existed, I've heard nothing but raves about it so I definitely need to get this before the year is over.

** Mac Rebel Lipstick
I wouldn't normally go for lipsticks this dark and the first time I saw it I loved the colour but thought it would suit someone with darker skin than me but after a fair but of searching it I've fallen in love and really want it haha!

** Real Techniques Blush brush
nothing to say other than I want it haha

** Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
This one I will probably get pretty soon as I had some vouchers for Christmas which completely cover the cost of it I'm just waiting for it to be in stock at my local Debenhams.

**Mac Soft and gentle
Again I've heard nothing but raves so really want to give it a try, but I will wait until i can get to a mac counter before i buy this or the lipstick.

And there you have it, my wishlist for this year, what's on yours?

Teresa x

08 January 2014

Mac's MAC Red Lipstick - Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies!!!

MAC Red is the perfect red for me, I have worn it all over the Christmas and new year period whenever we've gone out and its been great.
I know this is an awful picture, but its the only one I had and its zoomed in and the lipstick isn't fresh but you can get a general idea of what its like on :)

The formula of the lipstick is Satin which makes it not really shiny but not matte either which  is great because I'm not a fan of super matte lipstick as I have quite dry lips. Its described on the website as being a "bright bluish red" and I completely agree, the colour is a bright red which is exactly what I wanted this lipstick to be and the blue tones too it make my teeth look whiter.
MAC Red is incredibly pigmented with one swipe my lips are covered, but saying that I do prefer to apply it with a lip brush as I can get a neater edge ( I'm not very good at putting bold lipstick on!) and then I fill in the rest straight from the tube. This lipstick has really great lasting power, I find that it will last about 4-5 hours before I need to touch up the inner parts of my lip with no eating and if I eat it literally only wears away a little bit which is fantastic.
Overall I am in love with this lipstick and would recommend it to anyone who wants a bright blue toned red and I would buy it again when it finishes.

Teresa x

See a review of mac Syrup Lipstick here

06 January 2014

Mac Syrup lipstick - Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies!!!

How's the year treating you so far? Are you managing to stick to your resolutions? I certainly aren't! I have no will power whatsoever and the amount of chocolate and biscuits still in my house from Christmas is never ending!

Anyway, for my birthday last month my lovely aunt treated me to a mac eyeshadow, paint pot and four lipsticks, one of those lipstick is Syrup which I'm going to review for you now :)

I can honestly say that  Syrup is by far my favourite lipstick ever! I've worn it almost everyday in the month that I've had it which says a lot as I normally only wear lipstick when I go out in evenings.
Mac describes Syrup as a "Cloudy Pink"  I would says its more of a mauve/berry as its not as pink as I would say a pink lipstick would be (if that makes sense!) 
Syrup is one of their Lustre finish lipsticks which means it's not as pigmented as the other lipstick finishes they do which I quite like as it makes it more suitable for everyday use because of that sheer and shiny look it gives. I am a massive dry lip sufferer and I find this lipstick feels really hydrating and doesn't emphasise or cling to any dry skin I have in my lips, it glides on really easily and is quite creamy too. Considering how creamy it is it has a great staying time of around two hours which is when I then touch it up (I also always wear lip balm under lipsticks), it doesn't make it through a meal though.
My mum also really loves this lipstick and has tried it on a few times and it looks great on her, she has pink undertones and I have yellow so there is a good chance it will suit you.
I do think that it's more of a winter shade but you could probably get away with it in the summer to if you wear it sheer.

Overall I absolutely adore this lipstick, I would by it again in a heartbeat when it runs out and would recommend or it anyone who wants a natural berry colour. These sell for £15 each and you get them either in store or on macs website.

Have you got this lipstick?

Teresa x

04 January 2014

My Blog Turns 1!!!

Hello lovelies!!!

I can't believe that one year ago today, I sat down reading other blogs and decided I fancied a go at it myself, so instead of doing college work I made my blog and wrote my first post. I called my blog Little Bits of Sunshine, because  I literally had no idea what I was doing or where I was even going with my blog  I couldn't really think of a decent name. So Little Bots of Sunshine seems appropriate and generic for which ever direction it went.
 I remember getting really exited when I logged into blogger the next day to see that somebody had actually seen my blog! And then getting more exited when a week or two later I got my first follower! As time went by I gained more views and followers and still to this day I get happy when someone follows and I appreciate every single one of you. 
In August/September I decided I needed a name change, I wasn't liking Little Bits of Sunshine any more so I gave my blog a much needed makeover and name change to The Beauty Bow, which is much more fitting since I mostly blog about beauty and I love bows. (Although I'm still not quite happy with how it looks)At this point I finally new where I was going with my blog.
Since reading blogs and starting one of my own I've gotten a very keen interest in makeup and fashion which isn't a good thing for my bank account because now when I see a great review of something I've had my eye on it makes me want to buy it even more!
The whole blogging community has really blown me away too, I didn't realise there were so many bloggers out in the world and how nice all the ones I've spoken to are.
I hope to have many more years of blogging ahead of me as I absolutely love it!

Thanks for being around!

Teresa xxx

03 January 2014

Illamasqua Blizzard Nail polish - review and swatches

Hello lovelies!!!

I was a bit naughty a week before Christmas and made a sneaky little illamasqua purchase using my birthday discount code! One of the things I got was their new Blizzard nail polish from their Christmas collection, I also got a free belladonna lipgloss because I brought from the Christmas collection.

The Blizzard nail polish is packed full of different sizes matt white glitter which when applied to your nails gives the effect of it snowing (which I'm assuming is why they called it Blizzard a very well fitting name). 
The brush is pretty standard, if you've used an illamasqua nail polish before its the same but if not its a normal small brush.
It's so perfect for this time if year and really adds a bit of interest to any colour you put it over.
It lasts as long as the nail polish underneath it lasts before it starts chipping and it is glitter (minus the sparkle) so it is a bit tricky to get off.

Overall I absolutely love Blizzard and illamasqua did a great job with it. It's beautiful and easily creates a winter wonderland with a stroke of the brush.

This sells at £14.50 from Illamasquas website here  

What do you think of illamasqua Blizzard nail polish? Is it something you'd wear?

Teresa x

01 January 2014

December favourites!

Hello lovelies!!!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all have a great time.

This month I have been loving quite a few new products, new as my birthday was at the beginning of December.

Makeup wise I've really been loving mac soft ochre paint pot, I've literally used this everyday since I got it, it covers up all the darkness and vains on my eyelids and has been great for keeping my eyeshadow looking great.
Speaking of eyeshadow, mac Woodwinked is just gorgeous! I've used this almost everyday too and can safely. Say its become my one of my favourites.

Mac syrup lipstick has not left my side this month, although it doesn't look anything special in the tube on the lips it's my perfect everyday lipstick.
Also illamasqua medium pencil in vow, I've had this for a good few months but not really used it but lately I've been putting it on my waterline and it really brightens my eyes.

Sleeks blush in Pixie Pink has been sat at the back of my drawer for ages untouched, now I've found it and started to use it I absolutely love it, it's different to the normal shimmery coral blushes I normally go for but it looks very pretty.

I've also been obsessed with Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. I really can't describe scents to safe my life but trust me when I say its gorgeous, plus the bottle is adorable which always helps.

What have you been loving last month?

Teresa x