17 February 2014

NYC Expert Last Lipstick Blue Rose review and swatch + I'm Back!!

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have had this lipstick for absolutely ages now and I love it. The lipstick in question is the wonderful NYC Expert Last lipstick in Blue Rose.
I am a huge fan of bright lipsticks, I wear more bright than I do neutral so when I saw this it was extremely obvious I was going to buy it and best of all its only £1.99 which makes me very happy indeed.

Blue rose is an extremely bright pink which has very visible blue undertones which really helps in making my teeth look much whiter. NYC Blue Rose is really pigmented and with one swipe you have full opacity, it goes on really easy and doesn't feel at all drying on the lips, it last for about 2-3 hours before touch up.
When wearing this lipstick I tend to stick with really neutral eyes for obvious reasons of it being so bright and in your face! Also I get a lot of people complement me on it saying how lovely it looks whenever I wear it.
The only not so great thing about it is that the lipstick doesn't go all the way inside the tube, so more often than not I hit it when I am putting the lid back on.
Overall I love this lipstick so much, the great pigmentation, the amazing colour and how white it makes my teeth look!  and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a bright lip and with it being only £1.99 you cant go wrong!

On another note I'm extremely glad to be back into the blogging world, I haven't blogged for a really long time now due to excess college work (thanks to my tutor feeling mean haha) and also a great lack of cooperating internet, but now the Internets working expect to see much more of me again! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Teresa x

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  1. the packaging on these are so lovely

    Jorden xx



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