11 April 2014

Meeting Ed Sheeran!!

About 2 weeks ago I was extremely lucky to win tickets to an "up close and personal" gig with Ed Sheeran! I am a massive fan of his and when I won I was literally so exited leading up to the day I couldn't contain myself. Last Tuesday 8th april I turned up at my local radio station, which is where it was being held and we taken to a room of less than 30 people.
When he arrived I was so starstruck! he sang us 4 songs which were Lego House, Kiss Me, Drunk and You need me I don't need you. After all the songs he invited us all up to have pictures with him and he would sign anything if we wanted him to.
I was so exited to actually get to meet him, he was so lovely to us and seemed lije a genuinly nice guy. I was annoyingly shy and thinking back I wish I had spoke more to him than I did but I got a great selfie with him and also his autograph! 

Oh how much I wanted to ruffle his hair!

Above is my picture with him and below that is a little picture I managed to snap before I had to go, unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures/record him whilst he sang to us which was a shame as I would have like more pictures haha!

It was by far the best day of my life and I feel extremely lucky to have been given the chance to meet him and hear him sing live! His voice sounded amazing live and I could have sat there all day listening to him :)

Teresa x

09 April 2014



Here I am with another FOTD! It's time I started doing my makeup differently instead of sticking to the same products and look all the time!

 *Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. (review)The more I use this palette, the more I fall in love with it! For this look I used Foxy all over my lid with Faint in the crease/outer corner.
* For the blue on the inner corner I used the shade marked with a * from my 120 palette.
*Collection Extreme 24hr felt eyeliner (review). this is literally the easiest thing to use to create a flick.
* Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara, again I'm obsessed with this, nothing more to be said other than you must try it!
*Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is my favorite concealer and you will see it crop up in every FOTD that I do.


*Benefit "That Gal" brightening face primer. I love this stuff, it really hold my foundation on all day and it does indeed brighten my face.
* Illamasqua Light Foundation in 140. (review)This foundation is just perfect for warmer days its light and a nice coverage and I find i really evens out my skin tone too.
*Collection Lasting Perfection powder. I use this all over my face and under my eyes to set my foundation and concealer.
* Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush. This blush is wonderful its so long lasting its untrue!
On a side note, I have no clue why I put Benefit High Beam in the picture because I didn't use it! But its going to have to stay as I don't have time to retake the picture!


*Collection Lip Liner, again this is one I use for every lipstick I have it just works really well with them all.
*NYC Blue Rose Lipstick. (review) This is possibly the brightest lipstick in the world haha! and it makes my teeth look super white!

Have a lovely day!

Teresa x

07 April 2014

Aveeno - Aveeno Cream review - The BEST moisturiser for DRY SKIN!


Aveeno Cream is literally the best product I have ever used on my skin. The reason I came to use this is because last year around August time I had a really bad reaction to some face wash I was using, this resulted in my having my entire face covered with really dry, sore, flaky and itchy skin, the doctor gave me cream for this but the pharmacist recommend using Aveeno cream whilst my skin was healing to give it back some moisture. Once all my skin had cleared up and the little tester of Aveeno cream had finished I went back to using my normal moisturiser at the time, a few days later my skin went really dry again, not as bad as before but just like bad dry skin, I went back to Boots and the pharmacist gave me another little tester of Aveeno cream to try again within 1-2 days of using it my skin completely cleared up again. Again when this tester finished I used another moisuriser and my dry skin came back again! so this time I went and brought the full size bottle of Aveeno cream.

Its made with naturally active colloidal oat meal which has been proven to restore the epidermal barrier (the outer layer of the skin) and stop the skin from getting dehydrated. Aveeno cream is colour and scentless and is intensely moisturising, I apply it in the morning and my face continues to feel moisturised throughout the entire day, by the evening I still feel moisturised. You only need a small amount to cover your face and neck but the amount will vary depending on how dry tour face is. Although its relatively light it takes a while to fully soak in and you can still feel it for about 30 minuets after applying it but its perfectly fine to put makeup on straight after. 
Aveeno cream is from the dry and eczema-prone skin collection and can be used all over the body but since I only have dry skin on my face I only use it there.
It leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised like nothing I have ever tried before, this is definitely a product I will use for a very long time. Having the reaction has really killed my skin but Aveeno cream has took it back to how it was before and I couldn't be more happy! Anyone who has dry skin should give this a try and I highly recommend it. 

You can buy this from Boots for £4.66 for 100ml

Have you tried this before?

Teresa x

04 April 2014

My Pamper Night Routine


I don't know about you, but I love a good pamper night there is just something so wonderful about face masks, hot baths and a foot scrub!

I'm going to cover everything that goes on in one of my pamper nights!

First of all, of course its going to be a bath. My favorite baths usually consist of a Lush bath bomb, for my birthday last December my cousin brought me a massive box of lush bath bombs, I'm still making my way through them! The bath bomb I used this time was one called twilight, it smelt incredible, and a nice surprise that this one gave me was it created bubbles! A thing I'm not that fond of though is that just before I got out of the bath I noticed it had a LOT of shimmer in it! I looked like a disco ball.

Just before draining the water of the bath I sit on the edge and give my feet a good scrub, for this I use Joules Foot scrub, I'm not fussy about which scrub I use its normally just any I can find lying around my room. Once out the bath I put on Joules foot lotion.

Next its on to the face, I didn't wear any makeup this day so I just gave my face a quick wipe over with the L'Oreal Micellar Solution and then applied my face mask. The face mask I used is the Mudd deep cleaning, I'm trying to use more face masks as they are quite the rare occurance these days. after the mask is off I use my all time favorite moisturiser Aveeno cream, I really need to review this soon because its been fantastic for my skin!

Here I am looking rather scary!
Once the face is done its time for nails! This time round I used Rimmel  Metal Rush in 60 Royal Blue and for my thumb and ring finger I used Rimmel Cocktail Colour in 110 Baby Bellini with OPI Nail Envy and essie quick dry top coat.

So here is my pamper routine, I like to keep it quite short becuase I'm not one for faffing around with lots of things.

Have a lovely day!
Teresa x

02 April 2014

FOTD - Purple lips. ft MAC Up The Amp


This is the makeup I wore for Mothers Day over the weekend, the weather was so gorgeous which meant that a bright lip was the way to go!


* Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, (review) out of this palette I just used Faint and Naked 2 mixed together in my crease.
*MAC Woodwinked eye shadow, I am in love with this shade, I really need to use it more than I do, I find that because its small it gets lost and forgotten about. I used this shade all over my eye lid.
*Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. This is so great at covering up my hideous under eye circles!
*Barry M Kohl eye pencil, I cant find a shade name on this but its the dark matte brown one. I used this along my top lash line, I love the softer look it gives instead of a harsh black.
* Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara. This is just so amazing! I use this most days and it makes my lashes look incredible!


*Illamasqua Light foundation in 140.(review) Because it was quite warm and it was only in the day I wanted to keep my foundation quite light, Illamasqua light foundation gives a lovely amount of coverage and last a long time too.
*Collection Lasting Perfection powder. I used this all over my face to set my foundation and also under my eyes, since using this I have noticed a dramatic improvement of my foundation lasting time and also its stops my concealer from creasing as much.
*Sleek Blush in Pixi Pink.(review) This adds a gorgeous pop of colour to the cheeks. although you cant really see it on my cheeks in the picture.
* Benefit High Beam highlighter. This is the first highlighter I ever tried on my cheeks and I can honestly say it is beautiful! when my little sample runs out I will absolutely be buying the full size, I just love how easy it is to use and the beautiful glow it gives to my face.


*Collection lip liner. I use this liner with all my lipstick, its the same colour as my lips once on so it it works great for me.
* MAC Up The Amp. This is by far the star of the show! This bright purple lipstick is my absolute favorite!

Have a wonderful day!

Teresa x